Setup Pihole To Block Spotify Ads



Here's how to eliminate Spotify's:

  • video ads (100%)
  • audio ads (majority, but not 100%)
  • text ads (majority, but not 100%)

These ads appear on free Spotify account. So by blocking them, you're essentially creating a Spotify Premium account!

Ad-lists that blocks Spotify

  • I've only found 1 ad-list that's capable of blocking Spotify ads so far.

To add to Pihole's Whitelist

We need to Whitelist these domains in Pihole to fix this ad-list.

Add to WhitelistNotesIs present in spotify ad-list?
googlehosted.l.googleusercontent.comchrome extensionsyes
spclient.wg.spotify.comspotify musicno
apresolve.spotify.comspotify musicyes
dealer.spotify.comspotify musicyes
audio4-fa.scdn.cospotify musicyes
global-dealer-ssl.spotify.comspotify musicyes
open.spotify.comspotify win appyes
login5.spotify.comspotify win appno
i.scdn.cospotify imagesyes
newjams-images.scdn.cospotify imagesno
dailymix-images.scdn.cospotify imagesno
lineup-images.scdn.cospotify imagesyes
t.scdn.cospotify imagesyes
daily-mix.scdn.cospotify imagesyes
download.scdn.cospotify installyes
accounts.spotify.comspotify siteyes

To add to Pihole's Blacklist

This Spotify ad-list doesn't block all the needed domains. Here's a few more to add to blacklist:

Add to BlacklistNotes

My thoughts

  • I'm considering creating my own list (that's forked from the creator's) in order to add the domains I've mentioned above inside.
  • That would eliminate the steps of manually adding domains to whitelist/blacklist for anyone else using my ad-list.