Setup Pihole To Block Adult Websites (Porn)



Pihole was designed with the purpose of blocking ads and/or advertisement domains. However, we can use the same technology to block adult domains (porn) as well. We can kill two birds with one stone.

Ad-lists that block adult websites (porn)

  • I've found a lot of porn ad-lists and added all of them below.
  • I've sorted by date, so you can see actively-maintained lists on top.
  • Since I've added this on 2020-05-22, you can look at that as the latest date.
NameUpdated# of domainsAdd link to PiholeSource
cbuijs2020-05-22727,922Add link to PiholeSource
SteveBlack2020-05-2277,201Add link to PiholeSource
mhhakim2020-05-2217,802Add link to PiholeSource
Clefspeare132020-05-178,961Add link to PiholeSource
energized.pro2020-05-14368,695Add link to PiholeSource
Sinfonietta2020-04-1514,433Add link to PiholeSource
chadmayfield2019-12-0211,868Add link to PiholeSource
chadmayfield2019-12-021,906,596Add link to PiholeSource
blocklist2019-03-182,154,201Add link to PiholeSource
mhxion2018-08-0331,187Add link to PiholeSource
CyanideBrother2018-02-04352,338Add link to PiholeSource

Which ones to choose?

  • You can choose ad-lists that are frequently updated
  • You can choose ad-lists with most domains
  • You can choose ad-lists which have a good community following (ex. stars on Github)

Up to you! Yes, you can use multiple if you want!

How to exclude one or more clients

We can also exclude a device from filtering these adult websites.

  • Pihole, Group Management, Groups, Add new:
    • Name: AllowPorn
    • Description: AllowPorn
    • This will add the group below
  • Pihole, Group Management, Clients
    • Select a device from the dropdown
    • Comment: (Name of Device)
    • This will add the client below
      • Change Group Assignment from Default to AllowPorn (only)
  • Pihole, Group Management, Adlists
    • For each porn ad-list, select Group Assignment
      • Change from Default to AllowPorn (only)
    • For all other non-porn ad-lists, select Group Assignment
      • Change from Default to All (only)

Double the Protection


In addition to using Pihole to block DNS domains, we can use public DNS resolvers that block porn as well.

Which public DNS servers block porn domains as well?

  • Cloudflare (new DNS servers, since April 2020)
  • OpenDNS (since June 2010)

Using these Public DNS servers will double your protection against adult websites (porn).